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Magu & Alex of Transient Books

Proudly celebrating over 20 years online!

I was born and raised in Oregon, USA. My husband Magu is from Córdoba, Argentina. We began making books by hand back in the late 90s, while living on a boat in Alaska. We spent a number of years traveling throughout North and South America, and you could find us in the plazas, selling our books while Magu played his guitar to passers by. In 2001 we returned to the sierras of Córdoba. Because Argentina was entangled in an extreme financial crisis,
and the local economy was in shambles, we dared to try offering our wares online. To our great surprise—it worked! We have been creating hand bound books for humans all over the planet ever since.

Essentially we are a small family business at the end of a dirt road in rural Argentina, grateful everyday that we get to make books for all of you.
Everything is hand crafted here in house.We simply love our job and we’re so glad it shines through. Oh, and we are very proud of having really exceptional customer service. Come see for yourself here.

While we’re physically located in central Argentina, we offer FREE SHIPPING within the USA because we dispatch orders to our US distributor every week. Our turn around for custom orders varies!
Be in touch to find out what the current wait time is. Usually, we can get a custom order to you in about 10 days, depending where we are in the cycle.

Transient Books is made possible by many:
our unbelievable team here in Argentina (Caro and Maugi), our US distributor in Oregon (my sister Sara), my brother Rick who set up the site originally (we’ve since become our own webmasters), the USPS delivery folks in Oregon, not to mention a whole string of suppliers, supporters, family, and enthusiasts in both North and South America.

Mostly, Transient Books is made possible by its varied and hugely interesting clients. We never cease to be surprised and humbled by the individuals who appear in our inbox with their memorable ideas and enthusiasm.

Felizmente hablamos español.

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