From a boat in Alaska, to the plazas of Latin America....

I'm Alex, a writer and book artist, born and raised in Oregon, USA. My husband Magu is a musician from Córdoba, Argentina. I bound my first books while we lived on a boat in Alaska in the late 90s. From there we took our books and music to the plazas of Latin America. We returned to the sierras of Córdoba and Transient Books officially began as an online bookbinding service in 2001. We are located at the end of a dirt road in a rural community, about an hour from the city of Córdoba, Argentina. (Don't worry! You only pay shipping from Oregon.)
Transient Books continued to take us on the road, where we gave workshops in the most unusual locations (like, say, mining camps in Bolivia at over 12,000). But for the most part we're sedentary nowadays. Usually you can find us plugging away at orders in the studio with our amazing right hand Carolina (center). Her creativity, attention to detail and good humor make Transient Books possible year after year. Of course we have a cat, and while she has a lot of opinions, I'm the one who answers your emails, orders and inquiries. I marvel everyday at how I get to see the best side of humans. Our children and their projects are a fixture as we cut, sew and glue books that then travel out to their new homes all over the globe.
Transient Books thrives because of our commitment to quality and customer service. We make each item by hand from start to finish. We love meeting you. We're fascinated by the worldwide community of humans we're in touch daily. Transient Books also thrives because our children bring a lot of rock 'n roll... and conceptual art installations to the entire experience. I, of course, wrote about it here. Transient Books also flourishes because it allows us to shine at we most love to do. In Magu's case: compose, record and perform his own music.
And in my case: write, bind and design my own artists' books. I am when I'm not putting together... ...big shipments of custom orders for y'all! We ship regularly to our US distributor in Bend, Oregon so you only pay shipping from North America. Here she is, our faithful North American sidekick (and lifelong friend), Jennifer. Jennifer came on board in 2016 when our first inspirational US distributor, my mom, had to step down. Read Mom's amazing story here.

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