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That Perfect, Unique, Thoughtful Gift

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What our clients have taught us about gift giving over the years.

I really did learn most of life's essentials in kindergarten. All the rest I learned from our clients. Creating custom bound books for humans all over the planet has turned out to be an amazing source of wisdom. Because of them, I know that this holiday season, or on any given day, this is what you can do with gifts:

1. Inspire

Musicians are deeply moved by composer's journals.

Writers can't believe the joy of blank journals with their name or initials on the cover.

Illustrators melt when sketchbooks have their artwork incorporated on the front.


2. Harvest passions. Invent horizons.

Put the name of that manuscript on the cover, bring it to life for them.

Get them out on that road they've always dreamed of.

Encourage them to put that list together.


3. Commemorate

They arrived. They grew. They began. They committed. They moved on.
A custom book can celebrate every stage with joy and possibility.


4. Embrace

Protect their first editions, their drawings, their portfolios, their mementos.


5. Love

In any way possible, at all times, under all circumstances. Love.

Even on the hard, unpredictable days, all of us here at Transient Books can guarantee it's the solution to all of life's challenges.

The Transient Books team wishes you a kind and loving holiday season,

We are Magú Appella, Carolina Herrán, and Alex Appella in Argentina. And Jennifer Gow is our steadfast US distributor in Bend, Oregon, USA.

We make your books, and we love that you were in touch.


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