A Sketchbook Chronicle

A Sketchbook Chronicle

Not long ago, my inbox shone with a memorable gift:
A client who ordered a custom oversized sketchbook from us in 2006 sent photos of how the book had been used.

Not only did she send photos, but she sent this beautiful text:

"Tony Allard and Kristine Diekman are artist collaborators who, in 2006, asked Transient Books to create a beautiful hand-made sketchbook for a media project. Although the artists never used it for that project, many years later, in April 2014, they started a weekly drawing practice. Choosing an object at random, they placed the object in the middle of the page, and drew it from opposite angles while discussing politics, personal life, art theory and other things. The drawing process was a way to honor each other’s unique vision, relaunch a valuable friendship that had run aground and spend time in the important practice of perceptual drawing. The resulting book includes both perspectives which often shift from side to side, with neither artist claiming his or her own side. We are grateful to Transient Books for their incredible custom made large scale sketch book that literally saved our friendship."

Here is what the custom sketchbook looked like when it left our studio back in 2006:

Kristine Diekman and Tony Allard of California, thank you so much for sharing your art. We are tremendously grateful!

More about the artists here:

About the Custom Oversized Sketchbook:
27" tall x 18" wide (69 cm tall x 46 cm tall)
hard back Japanese Stabbinding
Colorspot Nieve 150 grm paper for the pages
Made by Alex & Magú Appella of Transient Books in 2006.
Sierras de Córdoba, Argentina.

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