Transient Books' Environmental Commitment Policy

Transient Books' Environmental Commitment Policy

Here at Transient Books, we love what we do, and we love the planet that makes it possible. We are committed to lowering our impact and hand crafting a product that makes this globe a better place, without contaminating or causing damage.


The following materials go directly from our binding studio to recyclers for conversion into new materials and products: all waste paper and binder’s board, all boxes, all glass, plastic and metal food containers, the few batteries we use, and all aluminum and plastic scrap.


Nothing gets thrown out! We reuse all papers, binders board and binding canvas that are not put to use in your books. And if we can’t reuse it, our neighbors and our local schools love to. Once a year we have a “give away” and folks come from near and far to pick up papers, canvas and other unused materials. We love seeing our extra stuff turn into new creations, school projects and teaching supplies.

Our entire workshop is put together with re purposed furniture, storage bins and miscellaneous solutions invented from materials we had on hand: an old crib, chicken wire, old boards, left over rope—you name it, we’ve put it to use.

Our Bookbinding Supplies

Whenever possible, we buy recycled paper and binders board. And when that is not possible, we make sure the papers are FSC certified and are produced without using chlorine. We buy our PVA glue in the largest tubs possible, thus reducing the use of plastic packaging. Those tubs, once empty, are either reused by the kids as toys or they’re reused by us and the neighbors for storing a myriad of things.


Given that our printers run for hours each day, we only use ink jet printers with refillable ink tanks so that we avoid producing ink cartridge waste.


We require our suppliers to adhere to good environmental practices in their shipments to us. When the option exists, we buy from vendors close to us rather than those that are far away. Where possible, shipments are consolidated to reduce product miles.

Packaging Materials 

All of the materials we use to package shipments are either made of recycled content, recyclable or both.

Efficient supplies

We use only low-wattage LED bulbs for lighting and we do not consume bottled water. We avoid the use of single use plastic containers for food and beverages at all cost. We only use recycled paper in our office and for our printed materials. We heat our studio in the winter with a wood stove that runs on waste boards, floor scraps and whatever we can find that isn’t toxic when burned.


Where we’re located in central Argentina, the native trees have been logged nearly to extinction. The piece of the planet we live and work on is forested with an abundance of native species we protect and propagate.

Community Involvement

With our kids and neighbors, we regularly pick up trash along our wonderful local river and stream beds. In our small community we also actively raise consciousness about recycling, water use and planting native trees. We participate and support all local non-profit organizations that work to protect the environment.


We’re working hard to be environmentally responsible, but we know there’s much more for us to do. One of the ways we think we can contribute to this important movement is by encouraging you, and encouraging you to encourage others, to be environmentally responsible. We hope this Environmental Commitment Policy helps in that cause.