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DESIGN YOUR OWN BAR / BAT MITZVAH SCRAPBOOK ALBUM to be hand-bound by Alex and Magu at Transient Books. Super easy, fun and affordable. Ideal for photo booth events.

  • SIZES: 8 x 8" / 20.5 x 20.5 cm: $49
    10 x 10" / 26 x 26 cm: $69
    12 x 12" / 31 x 31 cm: $99
    (Need something different? Be in touch.)
  • BOOK COVERING: Choose either a full canvas cover, or quarter canvas. Our archival quality binding canvases are available in a wide variety of colors.
  • COVER PHOTO: Do you have a lovely photo you'd like on your book? Send us the file and we'll take care of the rest.
  • COVER DESIGN: We accommodate. Choose from ideas you see here, or tell us what you'd like. We can print in any dark color ink that will stand out on the cover paper. Logos, monograms, clip art, text--it's all possible.
  • RIBBON PAGE MARKER: yes, you pick the color.
  • PAGES: Heavy weight, matte. Available in white or black. Each book has 40 sheets/80 pages front and back. Pages respond well to a variety of mediums: ink, pencil, ink stamps and more...
  • SCRAPBOOK SPINES: We use .5" wide spacer strips between each page so that the spines of our scrapbook albums are thicker than the outside fore edge. This way the swell of items pasted to the pages is accommodated for.
  • DECKLED EDGES: request that the outside fore edges of your pages be hand torn.
  • BE EVEN MORE AMAZING: Order a clam shell memento box. Did you know you can request the memento box be made an extra inch deep? This way your book is not only protected from dust and light, but you also have an ideal place to store keepsakes from the big day.
  • HOW TO ORDER: Want a free cover mock up first? Go here or be in touch.
    Ready to order now? Answer the questions found on this page and choose Add to Cart. We look forward to hearing from you.
    We always send a cover proof for approval before we hand craft your book.
  • COOL THINGS TO KNOW: These hand bound, hard cover books lay open flat for comfortable, sturdy use. We send you test paper for trying pens out on first. All acid-free materials, archival quality.
  • HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? We hand craft all items here in house, so do CONSULT TURN AROUND before purchasing just to be on the safe side. Usually we can get custom items delivered to a US address in about 10 days, depending.


The spines of our scrapbooks are thicker than the outside fore edge to compensate for items pasted to the pages. If very thick, spongy, fuzzy scrapbook items are pasted to all pages or most pages, the fore edge may end up being thicker than the spine.
· We cannot print on our scrapbook pages.
· The pages do not come with photo sleeves or pockets.
· We recommend you use photo mount squares or photo splits to adhere items to your pages. Or acid free glue sticks.
· See cover colors and fonts here.

Within the USA: $5

Canada: small $35
(with clam shell box $42), medium & large $42 (with clam shell box still $42)
Everywhere Else: small $42
(with clam shell box $48), medium $48 (with clam shell box $56), large $56 (with clam shell box still $56)

We hand-craft each item from start to finish.

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