We Are Now Mobile, and Officially Part of 2015 April 21, 2015 07:48

With a bit of nostalgia, we say good bye to the old TRANSIENT BOOKS web site:

Yes, a vintage design, one that did not take mobile devices into consideration. But, a design that caused nearly all emails to start with "I love your web site!" Now this phrase always brought me a grin. It meant two things:

  • Most of our clients were "vintage" computer-users like myself. We are folks who remember life before the internet, and we're still used to web sites that had pre-mobile structure and logic to them.
  • That even though I'm primarily a bookbinder who manages a web site (as opposed to the opposite: a web site designer who knows how to bind books), I was doing a pretty ok job!
However, mobile-geddon happened on April 21, 2015. And our old site was booted out of the google algorithms. For a site that has kept us in business online since 2001, it was a harsh way to go. So here is a big Cheers to you ol' gal, and muchas gracias!

There is lots left to construct on the new site, and thus this post fades here. Please bear with the holes in the new shiny www.TRANSIENTBOOKS.com. And enjoy the mobility, the form fields!, the categories, and that new modern look. Feedback is welcome, both positive and constructive. Enjoy!